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Blouse and nude dress : Sister jane@Topshop / Shorts : Topshop / Navy dress : Monki / Shoes : River island / Bag : ALDO

Hello girlies. I was planning on doing an outfit post today, but, I'm really not looking up to standards. I'm going through one of those 'bad skin, really tired, hate how i look' sort of phases, so I'm going to give you the things I'm currently loving instead. Hope you don't mind? So, here you have it. I'm loving everything pretty and girly at the minute, so the love hearts on the shorts, lace collar on the dress, tan shoes and floral backpack really caught my attention. I've also unintentionally created a few little outfits around the shoes. The blouse, shorts, shoes and back pack would look adorable, as would both the dresses! I love how i've managed to find 6 items that make many outfits, and it also makes them even more worth buying ;) Unfortunately though, a serious case of charity shopping and birthdays recently has made me poor. Anyway, i can still lust over them, right? I've been after a lovely backpack for ages, and this one from ALDO is just - perfect. It's quite big as well so all my college crap would fit in it too! I've also got a serious weakness for peter pan collars too. Even if they went out of fashion i would still wear them! I'm actually thinking about making my own soon! My creativity seems to have sparked up, and i really don't see the point spending loads of money on the high street when you can make something that is just as lovely, cheaper and totally unique! Hope you are all well!

What things are you loving at the minute?

Lots of love xxx


  1. oh my god I have literally just fallen in love with that backpack!.. (this is not good for my bank balance) x

  2. i'm currently obsessed with collars

  3. I hate days like that. This is why I hardly ever do outfit posts, because I hate the photos afterwards lol x

  4. Lovely selection of things :) I love the nude, tan and collar trends also :)

    Karys x

  5. The floral backpack is gorgeous, I'm hoping to find one myself in time for summer. I hope you feel much better soon!
    R xx

  6. I am loving all of this too! Laura Ashley do a pink version of that backpack its so gorgeous!


  7. Love the dress and shirt especially, just bought another dress from Sister Jane, i'm in love with anything with a collar!

    Loving your blog too :)

  8. Jade I LOVE the new blog design! I was considering putting bunting on my header but didn't know how to without it looking bad with a bad photo from google haha - yours looks SO SO cute! :):)

  9. That dress is gorgeous! Such a lovely colour. xxx

  10. love the dress in the middle with the lace collar, wanttttttt it! at the moment, ok always, i'm totally into my clubmaster sunglasses, minty and apricot things, studs, velvet and leather jackets! oh well, just a bought a quilt jacket which i absoultely adore!
    xx from germany


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