Style Inspiration : Zooey Dechanel

Not only is Zooey gorgeous and talented, she's darn right hilarious too. I think she honestly is the perfect person, who happened to also end up in the perfect body. In all fairness to her though; she deserves it. i loved her ever since 500 days of summer (a great film, btw), but her new comedy New girl has seriously put her in the spotlight and i've become hooked on her (In a non-creepy way). Her hilarious, kind and loving personality may be mainly what makes her so 'loveable' but I think her cute, girly style has been a true contributor to making Zooey many girls 'icon'. Every outfit she wears is just so adorable, yet so well put together, i heard she actually shops at Mod cloth so if you want to 'get her style' for a great price I suggest checking it out! Oh, and unless you havnt already, go and watch new girl on 4od and you are guaranteed to 'fall in love'. 

Here is some adorable dresses all from Mod cloth which i think are very much 'Zooeys style'!

I hope you enjoyed this girlies! xxx

P.s if you read my last post, i've found out that blogger won't be affected my the deconnection of google friend connect, so hopefully you can still see my updates! Have a lovely weekend!


  1. I love Zooey Dechanel so much, I completely adore her style! She's adorable. I'm going to go and check out Mod Cloth as I really need some new dresses!


  2. Ah, she is so good as Jess in New Girl. I love Zooey's style :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. She is pretty darn amazing! I've been in love with her/been in envy of her wardrobe ever since I saw her in Elf!
    Lovely selection from Modcloth, such a lovely store!
    Love Charlestown xoxo.

  4. Love this post! I am such a fan of Zooey! Love her style, she's adorable
    Beautiful picks from Modcloth, I especially like the 2nd dress on the top row!

    Megan Jane xo

  5. love the floral dress from modcloth. i totally adore her from new girl.


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