Charity VS Highstreet

Another charity shop bargain for you, but this time i've shown you where you can buy pretty much exactly the same thing! I had some spare time yesterday so headed off for a stroll around the charity shops, I wasn't really looking for anything, but as soon as I saw this jacket it instantly reminded me of the army jacket at urban outfitters, and i just had to have it! The £4 price tag made it even more wantable and now means i don't need to splash out £48 or £75 on one from urban outfitters! I originally wanted one because now that the warmer months are with us (although it's apparently going to snow next week?!)  thought it would be a great alternative to a coat as it's thin, but would keep me warm during summer evenings, at festivals, or even colder spring days! Brilliant. I can't wait to wear it with a pretty floral dress, some sunnies and my urban outfitters sandals! Eeeeee summerrrrr!

I know the alternative i've chosen is expensive, but it's the inspiration i took for my jacket. However, you can look in new look or topshop as I'm sure they will sell similar things too. Check ebay as well! You're bound to find a bargain! I hope you enjoyed this nevertheless, and i may even make this a regular feature on my blog! The lovely Lelshy actually suggested this to me, so thank you sweetie!

Have a fantabulous weekend girlies, I'm now off out with my dad for afternoon tea and maybe some more sneaky charity shopping! Im totally addicted ...


  1. They're so similar, it's always such a good feeling when you find a good steal in a charity shop :) x

  2. That's really nice! I've actually been on the lookout for a similar one in charity shops after spotting the likes of the Urban Outfitters success for me yet though! What a bargain yours was too!

    Laila x

  3. Such a lovely find! I've actually got the one from UO and now I wish I'd been as lucky as you to find a dupe! x

  4. Love the jacket, it amazing what you can find in charity shops!

  5. You always find the most amazing things in charity shops, i'm never that lucky!
    Hope you had a lovely afternoon with your dad!
    Love Charlestown xoxo.

  6. Its gorgeous, I'd love to put some studs on it!

  7. I absolutely love it, such a smart way to shop! And I have a question too,
    what do you do when you are stressed and the time you have isn't enough?
    This is my tip!!

    Great blog! Xx.

  8. It's so similar you can't really tell the difference.
    I think I need to get on this and start charity shop shopping - I want to find some absolute gems like this!!!


  9. Wow, they look like practically the same jacket. I think the military trend is here to stay so an amazing £4 well spent.

  10. Living loving your take on charity vs high street! Great idea! Please check out my blog if you love fashion as much as I do, xoxo Shelley Lockhart

  11. I love my army jacket!! £12 from Camden market and when I saw the Urban Outfitters one I thought it was ridiculous considering they're practically the same!


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