Please read Girlies!

because i hate a blog post without a photo and it's a rather cut picture of the boys ... excuse the shut eye though... hahaha
Okay, just a really quick post just to say PLEASEEEE follow me on Bloglovin'! There is rumours going around about google friend connect is closing, so you will not be able to see my recent posts (which would be such a shame) I love all my followers and would hate to lose any of you lovely people so I would be ever so grateful if you could follow me through there! I am also looking into other ways you can follow me, so let me know if you know of any websites!

My bloglovin link is here ... or click on the 'bloglovin' link at the bottom of my blog which will make it much quicker following me! OR follow me through hellocotton which i actually prefer now ive checked it out as you can see who is following you! The quick link is at the bottom of my blog too!

Thankyou girlies!! Let me know if you have bloglovin or hellocotton too as i will follow you back! xxx


  1. will do! have you tried hello cotton? i prefer it to bloglovin' as you can actually see who follows you!

  2. lovely blog, that header is so pretty! GFC is only going for those who don't have blogs, so you'll be fine :) xxx

  3. I heard it was meant to happen yesterday? But I see no difference, so don't know what the hell is going on! Following you on hello cotton now! Anddd love that pic, HOW CUTE!

    Marie x

  4. Google connect was cancelled yesterday for bloggers that host via wordpress and sites like those. Blogger will keep google connect! <3

  5. I actually really like Hello Cotton, I think it may be better than blogger? Just Me?

    Laura xoxo


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