Polka dots & Tartan

Blazer : Wallis via charity shop / Shirt : Charity Shop / Scarf : Urban outfitters via charity shop / Key necklace : Kissmass Present / Deer necklace : River Island / Watch : Casio

As you can tell, I'm getting more outfit posts done. This is actually intentional as I felt my blog was drifting a little off the point of what i want it to be (If that makes any sense at all) My blog initially is a place for my fashion interest, yet I never seemed to share what I 'actually wear' So, expect more posts like this around here ;) I really hope you like them anyway . . . Yet again, my outfit seems to be more so charity shops, however, the blazer and scarf are high street brands, but i got them for a fraction of the price. The scarf was BRAND NEW! and cost just £2. insane really. This is quite a casual outfit, and just what i wore to college. I'm a huge animal lover too so this deer necklace is just perfect and looks great under a collar, the key necklace is a slightly golder tone, but i don't care if it doesn't go because my lovely dad bought it for me! I guess it matches my Casio watch though. I hope you've all had a lovely day! Mine ahas been pretty successful, i finished college and 12, got an essay done, posted my parcels, and booked my first ever driving test for next week as my provisional license came through today! I feel so grown up! It's taken me 10 months to actually get my provisional since turning 17 as, if I'm honest, I'm absolutely terrified of driving, but i finally plucked up the courage, and have realised how much better life will be when I'm not relying on the parents for lifts everywhere!

Here is some lovely blogs i've enjoyed read today:

Anyway, I must be off. Have a lovely evening, and I may see you tomorrow with another D.I.Y Lots of love xxx


  1. I love your outfit, especially the shirt!xxx

  2. I really love your outfit :) It looks gorgeous :)

    Laura xoxo

  3. I am in love with that scarf!! Super cute outfit.


    x x x

  4. Love the clash of prints, really need to get some tartan into my wardrobe!

  5. I love that shirt, so cute! xoxo

  6. Love this outfit, totally gorgeous xoxox

  7. I love your scarf, and it looks gorge with the polka dots <3 xx

  8. love that top!
    looks lovely on you (:
    mantenso xx


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