Johann Earl Spring / Summer favourites

Left to right : Dress : £40 / Blouse : £39 / Dress : £45 
*All images from johann Earl website

Johann Earl is a brand I have always loved. I first came across them about 2 years ago on the Urban Outfitters website, and have since been hooked. Their style is very much 'vintage' inspired with pieces from every era. This allows them to be open to almost any persons style, and its unlikely you won't want at least one item. The quality of their clothes is outstanding, and although on the 'higher' end of the normal price bracket, you definitely get what you pay for. These pieces have not actually been released yet but i love how versatile they are. Both dresses can be worn in any season, and the peter pan collared blouse is very on trend and could be worn with anything from shorts, to a skirt, or under a thick knit jumper in the colder months. So, if you've got anything from £30 upwards to spare, then without a doubt invest in some of their pieces! You won't be disappointed.

p.s check here and here for sale items!

Have any of you girlies purchased from their website? xxx


  1. Love this brand! I really want the blouse, i love the Peter Pan collar. Also i have awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award :) love your blog x

  2. Never heard of this brand until now but will def be checking them out as I LOVE the styling of this shoot! <3 x

  3. I love your blog - it's so pretty! x

  4. I gave you a blog award!
    check it out


  5. the clothes are nice but what i really want is that room! yum

    laila x

  6. oh, their clothes and the styling for their lookbook is beautiful!

  7. amazing pics!!! love the grey dress!!!
    visit my blog on
    xoxo Marika

  8. I hadn't come across this brand before, but everything there is so beautiful! Goodbye healthy bank balance! I've nominated you for the Liebster/Versatile blogger awards, check out my post here: :-) xx

  9. oh it looks very cute, I like it . :) Just discovered your blog, its very nice I am following! :)

  10. I have awarded you with the cute blog award, all the rules are on my blog! :)X


  11. Nice looks!

  12. soooooooooo extremly pretty!

  13. I love the 40s vibe of these clothes and they're not too expensive xx


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