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I'm currently sat in front of the fire wishing my horrific cold would go away, and hoping I don't get in trouble for missing college today. My excuse? I'm too bloody ill. I thought i'd managed to miss my usual 'winter cold' this year, but no. It's struck me at such an inconvenient time and now i just look like a skiver...which i'm obviously not. Anyway, you can probably imagine the horrific state i'm in so my 'planned' outfit post has gone totally out the window. Instead, i've opted for a, lets say, 'easier sort of post' but one i rather love. I have a little obsession with gathering pieces from brands and sharing them all with you (as you've probably gathered) so here is yet, another. Sister Jane is rather new to my 'I must own it ALL' list, but one imagine will stay for a very long time. I love how classic and timeless their pieces are, and the versatility of them all is incredible. Imagine how many outfits you can make with that blouse? I'm thinking a black skirt, tights, brogues, winter coat and a classic bag (like in my post here) for this time of year, and some vintage levis shorts and vans for summer - perfect. The dresses are more 'winter' aimed i would say, but would be perfect for almost any occasion whether it be, day, night or even work. As for the blazer? It would look bloomin' perfect with everything. Do you love Sister jane too? ...

I hope you are all well and not feeling as shit ill as i do! 

Lots of love xxx


  1. I love the collars on all of them.
    Also, i know how you feel, i was off the other week because i felt so ill! get well soon!

  2. I love those dresses, I am getting a slight obsession with Peter Pan Collars at the moment. Think these would look great with my collection haha!

    Laura xoxo

  3. Love the dresses and the coat especially!

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

  4. i love the blouse, how cute!



  5. love that blazer! hope you feel better soon lovely :) xx

  6. Such beautiful things! I LOVE your blog!


  7. woooowww
    I love prettyyyy clothes in the same color wheel!!

    Following you now,
    hope u do the same

  8. ohhh i love all these, they are all so stinkin cute, great post!!!

  9. Oh such a beautiful blouse. I especially love the detailing on the collar and buttons.. Super cute!x

    Caught up in Cake

  10. Hope you feel better soon! I've been ill this week too and feeling super sorry for myself! Can definitely picture the blouse with the levis and vans! Really pretty choices xxx


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