Shoes, Shorts & Bags . . .

Bags : Urban outfitters / Shoes : New look / Pink shorts : New look / Blue pastel shorts : Topshop / cain print shorts : Rare @ Topshop

I'm currently sat in the library at college for my 4 1/2 hour break (eww) So seeing as i have no money for either high street or charity shopping i thought i'd best make a post on all the things i would rather love to own right now in the hope that next month my bank card may be a bit happier. I made a massive list of everything i loved, and it all seemed to be shorts, shoes and bags. My wardrobe is currently lacking in 'acceccories' so maybe this is why. My short addiction is also becoming rather ridiculous, but i can't help but want more... help? So here you have it, my little 'lust' list containing pretty much just shoes. I think the polka dot ones are my favourites! How cute? Lets hope i can buy them and wear them with those topshop pastel shorts! (a bit of 'red, white and blue' hey ;) 

I hope you are all well and enjoying your week. Thank-goodness it's friday tomorrow though, this week has been particularly tiring and i don't even know why. Maybe my current inability to sleep probably isn't helping? ugh. I'm really looking forward to this weekend however, as it's my grandpas last gig (he's amazing at guitar) he is terminally ill with cancer, but i'm so proud of him for all his courage and determination to do this last gig. So, tomorrow night me, my sister, boyfriend, mum and family friend are heading down south for our 5 hour drive to grandpas house, to then pick him up on saturday morning from to hospice to take him to the gig! So excited! I hope to get LOTS of pictures and of course i will share them with you all ;)

I'm now going to sit here and schedule some blog posts, just incase I don't have time this weekend! Enjoy your thursday girlies! xxx


  1. ooh, i love that bag! the print and colour is so perfect :)

  2. I almost brought that bag the other day, but the only one in the shop had a little rip so I changed my mind - I wish I'd got it now and just sewn it up!! :(

  3. i had a bag similar to this that i got in Japan
    but it didn't really match the majority of my clothes (sigh
    and i really have to say THOSE RED SHOES ARE A MUST !♡

  4. The red shoes are amazing, I'm kind of obsessed with polka dots.


  5. Aw, great selections in here. Deeply adore that polka red shoes and those bags. Perfection.
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  8. Sweet choices! In love with those shoes! X


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