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Top row : Blouse : ARK : £12 / Polka dot shorts : ARK : £19.99 / Star print skirt : ARK : £12.50 / Floral Dress : Romwe : £26.00.
Bottom row : Polka dot dress : Romwe : £30.72 / Blouse : Romwe : £20.26 / Vans : Shuh : £36 (student discount) Floral high wasted shorts : ARK : £11

Don't panick, I haven't actually bought all this myself. At christmas my lovely mummy bought me a bag, however, as selfish as it sounds; i really didn't like it. We have this rule in my family where, at christmas, we are totally honest about presents. There is no point keeping something you will never use when you can just return it. Seeing as Christopher bought me a Cath Kidston bag recently i decided i wanted to spend the money on clothes. Out of all this i only bought the Vans - although, they were the most expensive item :) All these things were bought with a discount code (V-day20%) for Romwe or in the sale (at ARK). I love absolutely all of them and can't wait for it all to turn up at my house to go into my ever expanding wardrobe.

Recently, for some reason i've been totally obsessed with shorts. I think it all started when i read Charlie's post (see it here) where i fell head over heels in love with hers, and have since been searching high and low for the 'perfect' pair. I actually ordered some from Goldie the other day, however they were just a little bit too small, despite me loving them far too much. So i'm thinking, do i return them, or lose a few pounds? I know what the easy option is ... Anyway, check out Charlies blog (If you havnt already) She is one of my favourite bloggers, and her style is just to die for.

Wow, this post is getting long. But, I really must post about the awards i've received recently before I totally lose track and it gets too late. I know you don't 'have' to post about them, but I really do appreciate it girlies! I never even dreamt of my blog being loved by people, so thank you so much! I'd first like to start by saying thank you to Hanne at Talbs who mentioned my blog and my giveaway in one of her posts! It's so lovely having a post dedicated to your own blog! So definately go and check her gorgeous blog out! :) Now onto the awards; I've been given the 'versatile blogger' awards by Fran and Jennifer. These are both lovely girls with lovely blogs and i would love you girlies to go and follow them! The other award i've received is the 'Leibster blog' award. SimderellaLauryn and Natalie all actually awarded me this! I am so grateful girlies! They all have lovely blogs, Simderella did an amazing post on Lauren Conrad, Natalie does great makeup reviews, and i'm totally in love with all of Lauryns outfit posts (She's doing the 100 day challenge) she is also going to be doing a giveaway when she reaches 100 followers, so get following them all girlies! The final award i've received is the 'cute blog' award. The lovely Ellie awarded me this! She has such a gorgeous blog, and has actually awarded me before so it's so lovely to have a follower that reads my blog regularly!  So check her out! 

Thankyou for reading all of this! If i have missed an award you have given me please don't hesitate to comment below so that i can thank you! I'm terrible at remembering things...

Lots of love xxx


  1. I love the red Vans! They're going to look awesome in the summer! Lovely post hun :) xx

  2. Love the white blouse :) so cute.


  3. I love all your purchases from Ark, I need to have a look at their stuff.
    Also the polka dot dress from Rowme is gorgeous. x

  4. Love the black blouse and the star print shorts! x

  5. I love the floral high waisted shorts.

  6. i reeeeally want a pair of vans - the only trouble is what colour to get?!

    laila x

  7. I really want a pair of vans but I like the burgundy coloured ones, great post <3

  8. the polka dot dress and the shirt from romwe are ideal! love your blog! xx
    milly x


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